RD Team

  • Our RD team contains senior engineers in infrared field.
  • The team successfully design the product and develop proprietery calibration equipment.
  • We have a systematic Knowledge Base to store design guideline and know-how.
  • We use Concurrent Engineering methodology to reduce Time-To-Market.
  • The RD process is conform with the ISO9001.

RD Result

In a short period of 1.5 years, our team achieve these goal:

  • Setup a National Standard Traceable Temperature Standard.
  • Develop 2 models of ear thermometer.
  • ISO9001 Certified.
  • CE,UL,FDA Certified.
  • Successfully developed a proprietery Ear Thermometer ASIC with a Design House.

RD Methodology

  • We pay special attention to identify the market requirement
  • We follow our Design Control.
  • Concurrent Engineering:Right Data ,Right Time , Right Place , Right Format.
  • We maintain Knowledge Base.
  • We highlight innovation and patent.