• 1.How do ear thermometers work?+

    The ear drum shares its blood supply with the temperature control center of the brain, so changes in body temperature are reflected sooner and more accurately in the ear than in other places.
    In addition, the ear drum is not affected by breathing, sweat, diet and other factors. It is the best indicator of body temperature.

  • 2.How does the infrared thermometer work?+

    Each object radiates infrared capacity. A hot object radiates more infrared than a cold object does. The infrared thermometer use optical device to collect infrared capacity and transfer into electrical signal by the detector.
  • 3.How long does infrared thermometer response?+

    The infrared thermometer's response time is faster than common thermometer about 0.5 seconds.
  • 4.What is the maximum distance for measurement?+

    The distance depends on the optical device inside the thermometer. Use Distance/ Size and target's diameter to decide maximum distance. According to the atmosphere, most infrared thermometer's maximum measuring distance is about 100 foots.
  • 5.What is an optical spectrum? Why is it important?+

    The infrared spectrum is about 0.7 to 1000μm. The spectrum of infrared thermometer we use is about 8-20?m. This range is most stable and less affected by CO2 and H2O for the best accuracy.
  • 6.What is Emissivity?+

    Emissivity is the ability an object radiates or absorbs. An ideal Emissivity is "1" that radiates 100%. 0.8 Emissivity means to absorb 80% and radiate 20%. Emissivity variations affected by temperature and spectrum response. A shinning metal is hard for infrared thermometer to measure temperature due to emissivity.
  • 7.How to confirm an object’s Emissivity?+

    1.First, use exterior thermocouple to measure the object’s exterior temperature and then use infrared thermometer to measure the face to adjust the emissivity. Try until thermocouple and infrared thermometer get the same reading.
    2.For a 500°F (260°C) object, place the adhesive tape on the object to reach hot balance. Use a 0.95 Emissivity infrared thermometer to measure and record the temperature. Next, measure the exterior temperature and adjust emissivity until the same temperature as the tape.
  • 8.What is the measuring range of infrared thermometer?+

    Infrared thermometer could measure an object in the Distance: Spot equal to its diameter. In this range, infrared thermometer could get the most accurate temperature; over the range might cause inaccuracy.
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