Probe Cover

PCL-A40 / PC7200

  • Probe Cover for Hygiene 
  • Apply to Radiant’s ear thermometers with probe cover 
  • For RADIANT® Infrared Ear Thermometer "THXX9 series"
► PCL-A40
  • One set includes:
    1 pcs Probe Cover Loader
    40 pcs Probe Cover
    1 Color Box
► PC7200
  • One set includes:
    200 pcs Probe Cover
    1 Color Box


    probe cover

    Probe Cover
    PC840 / PCL-A40 / PC7200

    Probe Cover Loader

    Connection Ring

    For RADIANT® Infrared Ear Thermometer "THXX9 series". 

    Donotreuse Do not reuse : Always use a clean, undamaged and new probe cover. Be sure ear canal is clean. 

    (1) Attach the probe cover to the connection ring.
    (2) Align the center of probe cover with the center of probe.
    (3) Push the connection ring until the click sound. This means the probe cover has been firmed tightly.

    ► Probe Cover Loader

    Fill with probe covers

    Pull the loader once to load a new probe cover

    The loader will automatically bounce back. A new probe cover will be on the fixer.

    Install a new probe cover


    ► Certificates
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