Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer


  • Non-Contact for Hygiene and Comfort
  • One Second Measurement
  • Hypothermia Measurement
  • Temperature Awareness Signal 
  • Color LCD Display
  • Mute Function
  • Surface Mode
  • 25 Memories
  • TH48FE
    Non-contact for Hygiene and Comfort
  • TH48FE
    1 Second Measurement
  • TH48FE
    Temperature Awareness Signal
  • TH48FE
  • TH48FE
    Surface Mode


    • Temperature measureme range:  
      Foread mode:  28~43°C (82.4~109.4°F)  
      Surface mode:  -22~80°C (-7.6~176°F)
    • Accuracy:
      Forehead mode: ±0.2°C (0.4°F) within 35~42°C (95~107.6°F), ±0.3°C (0.5°F) for other range.
      Surface mode: ±0.3°C (0.5°F) within  34~43°C (93.2~109.4°F), others ±4% or ±2°C (4°F) whichever is greater.
    • Operating temperature range:  10~40°C (50~104°F), 15%~85% RH 
    • Storage temperature:  -20~50°C (-4~122°F), RH ≤85%
    • Transportation temperature:  Shall be less than 70°C, RH ≤95%
    • Response time (90%):  
      Forehead mode: 1 sec.   
      Surface mode: 0.6 sec.
    • Display mode:  Oral / Surface
    • Scale selection:  °C / °F
    • Display type:  Color Large LCD
    • Memory:  25 sets
    • Temperature Awareniss Signal:  Beep Sounds 
    • Battery type:  AAA * 2 pcs
    Note: Subject to upgrade based on purchasing agreement.

    ► Feature

    Scan Distance ≤ 8CM


    Color LCD Display


    Zone Indicator


    One Second Measurement

    hypothermia icon


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Technology Support

    • 1.How do I switch functions?+

      1. ) In "Power On" mode, press and hold the "ON/MEM" button,
      2. ) then press the "SCAN" button, the "HEAD" icon will be switched to icon "SP_forehead_clip_image002" (Scan).
      3. ) You may use the same process to switch back to "HEAD" icon.
    • 2.Why is my measurement too low or high?+

      You may check by following items:
      • Ear Canal:  
        Earwax might block the infrared measure accuracy.
      • Probe Cover:  
        The most popular situation is the probe stuck with earwax that blocked infrared transmission and lower the measurement. If you bought a probe cover model, we recommend user to change probe cover each time to avoid cross contamination.
      • Note:  
        If you bought a probe cover model, the probe cover may break and affect the accuracy after using for several times or receive external hit. We recommend user to check probe cover's integrity before every measurement. If the probe cover is broken, please change a new one.
      • Lens:
         If you bought a probe cover model, the most common situation is user measure without installing probe cover. The probe lens is stuck with earwax and lower the measurement. If the lens is dirty, please follow the manual's instruction to clean lens with cotton swab.
      • Note:  
        User hit the thermometer carelessly might cause the probe lens damage. Please return full package to retailer for service if there is damage.
    • 3.The measurement in air conditioning room is different from that in non- air conditioning room?+

      When ear thermometer is under rapid temperature change, we recommend user to place thermometer for 15 minutes to adapt to temperature and get the right temperature.
    • 4.Does forehead mode need to touch body?+

      Please measure close to "the temples" about 0.5 cm distance.

      Hold the thermometer 1 to 3 cm from "the central forehead".

       Although the thermometer does not touch body, please also follow the instruction for clean and storage to keep accuracy.
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