Infrared Ear Thermometer


  • Probe Cover for Hygiene
  • One Second Measurement
  • Probe Cover Detector
  • Probe Cover Ejector
  • Temperature Awareness Signal
  • Mute Function
  • Surface Mode|Room Temperature
  • Last Reading|25 Memories
  • THR86JE
    Probe Cover
  • THR86JE
    1 Second Measurement
  • THR86JE
    Temperature Awareness Signal
  • THR86JE
    Probe Cover Ejector
  • THR86JE
    LED Backlight


    • Temperature measureme range:  
      Ear mode: 34~42.2°C (93.2~108°F)
      Surface mode: -22~80°C (-7.6~176°F)
    • Accuracy:
      Ear mode: ±0.2°C (0.4°F) within 35~42°C (95~107.6°F), ±0.3°C (0.5°F) for other range.
      Surface mode: ±0.3°C (0.5°F) within  34~42.2°C (93.2~108°F), others ±4% or ±2°C (4°F) whichever is greater.
    • Operating temperature range:  10~40°C (50~104°F), 15%~85% RH 
    • Storage temperature:  -20~50°C (-4~122°F), RH ≤85%
    • Transportation temperature:  Shall be less than 70°C, RH ≤95%
    • Response time (90%):  1 sec.
    • Display mode:  Oral / Surface
    • Scale selection:  °C / °F
    • Display type:  Large LCD
    • Memory:  25 sets
    • Disposable probe cover:  Mold ring W/PE film cover
    • Temperature Awareness Signal:  Beep Sounds / Button Light
    • Battery type:  AAA * 2 pcs
    Note: Subject to upgrade based on purchasing agreement.

    ► Feature

    Probe Cover


    Probe Cover Ejector


    Awareness Signal

    Button light ≥ 38°C


    Blue LED Backlight


    One Second Measurement


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  • Donotreuse  Do not reuse : Always use a clean, undamaged and new probe cover. Be sure ear canal is clean.
      For RADIANT® Infrared Ear Thermometer "THXX6 series". 
    Insert the probe into a new probe cover.
    Push the probe cover to the bottom of the probe until the  “Click” sound. This means the probe cover has been installed successfully.

Technology Support

    • 1.How to install the probe cover?+

      Please follow the instructions below.  Probe Cover Installation ►
      Install probe cover
      ( PC840 / PCL-A40 / PC7200 )

      (1)  Place a new probe cover on the connection ring. (See Figure 1)
      NOTE:Make sure to place the “Adhesive Side” of probe cover “Upward.”
      (2)  Align the probe with the center of probe cover. Insert the probe into the probe cover on the connection ring. (See Figure 2)
      (3)  Push the connection ring until the “Click” sound. This means the probe cover has been installed successfully.

      NOTE:The probe cover detector is optional. If the probe cover did not connect firmly, the “ SP_ear_clip_image002 ” icon will flash on the LCD screen.
      Please check the setting of probe cover again.


      Warning:Keep the probe covers and connection ring away from children.
    • 2.Why is my measurement too low or high?+

      You may check by following items:
      • Ear Canal:  
        Earwax might block the infrared measure accuracy.
      • Probe Cover:  
        The most popular situation is the probe stuck with earwax that blocked infrared transmission and lower the measurement. If you bought a probe cover model, we recommend user to change probe cover each time to avoid cross contamination.
      • Note:  
        If you bought a probe cover model, the probe cover may break and affect the accuracy after using for several times or receive external hit. We recommend user to check probe cover's integrity before every measurement. If the probe cover is broken, please change a new one.
      • Lens:
         If you bought a probe cover model, the most common situation is user measure without installing probe cover. The probe lens is stuck with earwax and lower the measurement. If the lens is dirty, please follow the manual's instruction to clean lens with cotton swab.
      • Note:  
        User hit the thermometer carelessly might cause the probe lens damage. Please return full package to retailer for service if there is damage.
    • 3.May I reuse the probe cover?+

      If you bought a probe cover model, in order to avoid cross contamination, we recommend user to change probe cover after each measurement. Also, check the probe cover is in good shape and the ear canal is clear without earwax.

       Donotreuse  Do not reuse
    • 4.What is the normal body temperature?+

      A normal range for body temperature is 35.8°C~38.0°C (96.4°F~100.4°F) . Each person has different temperature, please contact qualified doctor for details.

      Here are the normal body temperatures for reference:
      • Ear Temperature:35.7°C ~ 37.5°C
      • Rectal temperature:35.7°C ~ 37.5°C
      • Oral temperature:35.5°C ~ 37.5°C
      • Armpit temperature:34.7°C ~ 37.3°C

      Body temperature variations affected by age:
      • 0 ~ 2 years:36.4°C ~ 38.0°C
      • 3 ~ 10 years:36.1°C ~ 37.8°C
      • 11 ~ 65 years:35.9°C ~ 37.6°C
      • > 65 years:35.8°C ~ 37.5°C

      1. Chamberlain, J.M., Terndrup, T.E., New Light on Ear Thermometer Readings, Contemporary Pediatrics, March 1994.
      2. Chamberlain, J.M., et al., Determination of Normal Ear Temperature with an Infrared Emission Detection Thermometer, Annals of Emergency Medicine, January 1995.
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