Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer


  • Non-Contact for Hygiene and Comfort
  • One Second Measurement
  • Hypothermia Measurement
  • Temperature Awareness Signal
  • Mute Function
  • Surface Mode|Room Temperature
  • Last Reading
  • LED Backlight
  • THR8FE
    Non-contact for Hygiene and Comfort
  • THR8FE
    1 Second Measurement
  • THR8FE
    Temperature Awareness Signal
  • THR8FE
    LED Backlight
  • THR8FE
    Room Temperature


    • Temperature measureme range:  
       Forehead mode: 28~43°C (82.4~109.4°F)
      Surface mode: -22~80°C (-7.6~176°F)
    • Accuracy:
      Forehead mode: ±0.2°C (0.4°F) within 35~42°C (95~107.6°F), ±0.3°C (0.5°F) for other range.
      Surface mode: ±0.3°C (0.5°F) within  34~43°C (93.2~109.4°F), others ±4% or ±2°C (4°F) whichever is greater.
    • Operating temperature range:  10~40°C (50~104°F), 15%~85% RH 
    • Storage temperature:  -20~50°C (-4~122°F), RH ≤85%
    • Transportation temperature:  Shall be less than 70°C, RH ≤95%
    • Response time (90%):  
       Forehead mode: 1 sec. 
       Surface mode: 0.6 sec.
    • Display mode:  Oral / Surface
    • Scale selection:  °C / °F
    • Display type:  Large LCD
    • Memory:  25 sets
    • Temperature Awareness Signal:  Button Light / Beep Sounds
    • Battery type:  AAA * 2 pcs
    Note: Subject to upgrade based on purchasing agreement.

    ► Feature
    Scan Distance 3cm

    Scan Distance ≤ 4CM

    Mute Function

    Mute Function

    Button light  38°C

    Awareness Signal 

    Button Light ≥ 38°C

    blue backlight

    Blue LED Backlight

    Hypothermia Measurement



      ► Certificates

Technology Support

    • 1.How do I switch functions?+

      1. ) In "Power On" mode, press and hold the "ON/MEM" button,
      2. ) then press the "SCAN" button, the "HEAD" icon will be switched to icon "SP_forehead_clip_image002" (Scan).
      3. ) You may use the same process to switch back to "HEAD" icon.
    • 2.Why do I get different temperature for continuous measurement? Sometimes in normal, sometimes in lower, sometimes in higher temperature.+

      The user and thermometer need to adapt to ambient temperature. The rapid temperature change may cause the inaccurate measurement.

      Before the measurement, please stay in a stable environment for 5 minutes and avoid exercise, bath for 30mins.

      We recommend user to place thermometer indoor for 15 minutes to adapt to temperature and get the correct measurement.
    • 3.The measurement in air conditioning room is different from that in non- air conditioning room?+

      When ear thermometer is under rapid temperature change, we recommend user to place thermometer for 15 minutes to adapt to temperature and get the right temperature.
    • 4.Does the forehead thermometer I bought only measure forehead temperature?+

      RADIANT INNOVATION forehead thermometer is designed for forehead temperature measurement. Besides, you may also scan other subject's exterior temperature. For example, you can measure baby's milk or bath water in "SCAN" mode.
    • 5.Does forehead thermometer radiate infrared?+

      The forehead thermometer receives the body's infrared and switch to body temperature; therefore, it does not radiate infrared
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