Research and Development

Radiant has several R&D elite teams with many years of experience in the field of infrared measurement applications. Our teams are responsible for developing products, protecting intellectual property rights, and innovating driving technology.

We have strengthened research and development capabilities through industry-academia cooperation with institutions such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) etc.

Developing Products
Protecting intellectual property rights
Innovating driving technology

R&D Achievements


Develop various infrared thermometer product lines.


Develop a product line of various industrial infrared thermometers with wide measurement range. The thermometer can measure high temperature up to 2400°C, low temperature up to -60°C.


Develop various gas detector product lines like CO, CO2.


Develop PM2.5 detector product line.


Develop the dedicated ASIC.


Obtain more than 100 patents from various countries (US patents account for 20%, Taiwan patents account for 50%, and China patents account for 30%. Applications are in progress).


Establish a temperature scale that reaches the level 2 national laboratory standard.

RD Methodology

RD Methodology
  • We pay special attention to identify the market requirement
  • We follow our Design Control.
    Concurrent Engineering: Right Data ,Right Time , Right Place , Right Format.
  • We maintain Knowledge Base.
  • We highlight innovation and patent
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